The Quest for a Co-founder

Gloria Lin has gone on a lot of dates in the past year. No, not that kind. But she quickly found that was easier said than done. You have to both want to do a startup — requiring similar levels of high-risk tolerance — and be available at the same time, which depends on life and financial circumstances. Just like real-life dating, sometimes it seemed like I was going to end up alone. Eventually, I met Joel Poloney and everything clicked. In this exclusive interview, Lin presents that rigorous approach in full, from how she found potential partners and handled early conversations to how they ideated and prototyped together to narrow in on a more specific idea. Lin also shares the incredibly detailed co-founder questionnaire — with 50 questions spanning across six categories — that she and other fellow founders have collaborated on to probe compatibility more deeply. But we’ve also included the full set below, in a designed PDF template so you can grab and go, and further down in a Google Doc, in case you’d like to edit and add your own questions. Want to jump straight into the set of 50 questions to ask a potential co-founder?

Any advice on finding technical co-founder?

Some of the rules are universal and can be applied to most companies I even followed them while looking for new members for my band! Only that way you have a chance of having a fruitful collaboration. They will find that rather than managing and hiring people for projects, they prefer to roll up their sleeves and be directly involved in the development themselves.

In any case, you need to keep in mind that being a CTO requires a different skill set than being a software developer.

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The two initially met at an event in San Francisco, and followed up with a friendly informational interview at a Mexican restaurant. It was also the beginning of a relationship. When they started dating in , they swapped war stories about company building. It was from these conversations that they created Clearbanc, the Canada-based VC firm that specializes in non-dilutive revenue share agreements for startups. Startups with coupled co-founders at the helm are scoring big funding rounds and exiting companies.

The solution is a simple rule enforced by an iPhone alarm. All work-related talk must cease after 8pm every day after the alarm goes off. They also use free time on the weekends to go to restaurants in LA, one of their shared passions. Instead of vacationing to Bora Bora the day after their wedding, the newlywed founders hopped on a plane to China, where Leslie stayed for a couple of months to set up the supply chain for Anomalie.

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One of the biggest challenges when looking to start a tech company is the search for a committed co-founder that complements you, as this person may not be within reach in your existing network. Are you an individual looking to start your own tech company but lack the necessary network and the right co-founder to take things forward?

If so, join us as our panel of startup founders share their insights and discuss how they built their company from scratch with a stranger, including:. Aaron is co-founder and CEO of Privyr. Privyr is a Singapore based, venture-backed startup with a vision to make every sales interaction completely personalised and convenient for the consumer.

Brent had found his technical cofounder, and it was time to get to work in detail the process she went through to find a cofounder. Her inspiration? Dating.

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3 strategies to find your next technical co-founder without looking like an idiot

Written by Ivan Kreimer July 22, Want a heads up when a new story drops? Subscribe here. And you have a lot of options. A startup is a long-term investment; you need someone who will stick with you through all the challenges lying ahead.

In , I started my third startup, as a technical founder with the TechStars Boulder company InvitedHome (at the time, we were.

There are many factors that can go into making a startup prosperous—for instance, market prerequisites, availability of the necessary funds, or an appropriate business model. Nevertheless, finding a trustworthy and well-qualified co-founder or co-founders is an essential first step, especially when you feel like you have a great idea, but some of skills are missing.

As Startup Genome reports, having a co-founder at least one contributes to startup success. However, it can be hard to find an ideal co-founder. Luckily, many online and offline platforms are there to help you reach those who can complement your skill set. We chose the top 6 to highlight for you here.

Looking for a co-founder? Try Co-founder Dating

Also, what will a technical cofounder need to see in order to feel comfortable joining me? I have advised a number of Clarity members on this question exactly. LinkedIn can be a great place to find your technical cofounder.

Every Founder knows: Finding the right Cofounder can be challenging – this is why STARTUP Startup Cofounder: Looking for a Technical Co-Founder for AI & Crowdworking Startup Stay up-to-date with the latest startup job opportunities!

I took the role of full-stack developer, lead DevOps guy, and CTO and wrote the foundation of the software. I had a small salary and a solid equity position as a member of the three-person founding team along with a CEO and a lead product designer. A year later, as the company found its business model, I left the company. This was largely due to frustration across the founding team with the manner in which a Lean startup project develops and matures into an MVP, and how that applies to the development team.

The roots of the problem were in my inability to adjust to pivots, and to effectively participate in both 10,foot project planning, and the micro-view required for coding. This is a problem that I have seen repeatedly over two decades of working with startups. While I may have been too green, or not the technological genius I believed myself to be in , I have watched other startups repeat this pattern in the intervening years.

This is most apparent in the manner by which entrepreneurs describe their companies.

6 Platforms for Finding a Startup Co-Founder

Thank you for your support! Teaming up with others who share similar values and who buy-into the mission and goal of what you’re doing is key to making an impact Be smart, be humble, be open to talking about you, what you’ve done, and what you’re looking for. You’ll meet with dozens upon dozens of people who have exciting companies and ideas for starting one that are looking for others to partner with.

Learned a lot from people, and everyone is super friendly! For other types of sponsorship, p lease email sponsor hackernest.

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Welcome to a new BetaKit weekly series designed to help startups and entrepreneurs. Each week, investors Roger Chabra and Katherine Hague tackle the tough questions facing founders today. Have a question you would like answered? Tweet them with the askaninvestor hashtag, or email them here. Generally speaking, a startup needs both builders technical founders and hustlers non-technical founders. It needs people to create the product, and people to go out and sell it.

34 Questions to Ask a Potential Co-Founder

Meet co-founders, early hires, and accelerate through the early days of building a company. Anyone can build software. Tap into the collective intelligence of hundreds of entrepreneurs, all with deep subject matter expertise — short circuit your feedback loop. Conventional wisdom holds that founders should know each other or have worked together before.

What does MVP mean and why you need it? How to Create a Dating App? Make an App Like Tinder · Uber-like App Development: How to Make.

They need someone, or even more people, to help them build the startup. Thus, they simply have to find co-founder s whom complement their skill sets. For example, if you are a business guy, then your co-founder should be more into tech things. A co-founder exists to fill some major gaps in your own background, personality and skills.

One popular formula is: one builds and one sells. You may not have a time to attend events where your future co-founder could be there. As hard as it could be, finding a partner for your startup is possible.

Everything you need to know about finding a technical cofounder

Many factors go into a successful startup, such as market need, financing, a viable business model, and marketing. However, finding the right team — specifically, the right co-founder or cofounders — is a crucial first step. Finding a co-founder can be challenging.

Also, what will a technical cofounder need to see in order to feel comfortable joining Note that this isn’t just founder dating events and places where you’re.

While the startup cofounder might be sought out by the original founder, the responsibility of a cofounder is extremely important. This position is enormously gratifying, allowing the cofounder to grow with the company. Unlike the corporate world, the startup cofounder can tailor their daily duties to their strengths. While there is a large amount to get done, both in the beginning and even more as the startup continues growing in popularity, having the freedom to work where your strengths lie and truly lead the team is an experience rarely found in a traditional version of this role.

A startup cofounder must be able to work well with their team, build rapport, and work side by side with others towards the same company vision. Startup Sucht. Log in Sign up. Startup Cofounder While the startup cofounder might be sought out by the original founder, the responsibility of a cofounder is extremely important. Startup Cofounder.

Tech Startup School. CEO ggf.

4 Startup Co-Founder ‘Dating’ Sites to Try

Written by Andrew Askins and Laura Bosco. Finding a technical co-founder is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. Because investors rarely invest in companies without any technical talent in-house, a technical co-founder plays a huge role in funding.

If you’re a non-technical founder looking for a technical partner, here are online founder dating platforms such as founderio and startupsucht.

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